Intra-Baptist Relationships

Principles and Guidelines for Intra-Baptist Relationships, prepared by the Special Commission on Intra-Baptist Relations, aims to provide a framework for BWA's response to the diversity of language, culture, opinions and perspectives in meetings and in the various operations of the international body. The document takes into account the great diversity that exists among Baptists, particularly within the BWA, which has 231 member organizations in 121 countries. It was ratified unanimously by the General Council in Ocho Rios, Jamaica July 2013.

Below the document has been translated into multiple languages. If there is not a version translated into your language, we encourage you to do so  and forward it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can make it available here as well. Special thanks to those who provided the following translations:

  • English (PDF)
  • العربية (PDF) translation provided by Baptist Publications in Lebanon
  • বাংলা (PDF) translation provided by Leor Sakar
  • Български (PDF) translation provided by Vasil Vasilev
  • 中文 (PDF) translation provided by Irene Huang & Boone Hoi Chin
  • Français (PDF) translation provided by David Boydell
  • Danish (PDF) translation provided by the Baptist Union of Denmark
  • Deutsch (PDF) translation provided by Christoph Haus
  • Kreyòl Ayisyen (PDF) translation provided by Jules Casseus
  • Italianio (PDF) translation provided by  Marco Giampetruzzi      
  • 日本語 (PDF) translation provided by Takashi Hiroshima
  • 한국어 (PDF) translation provided by Yoo Jong Yoon  
  • नेपाली (PDF) translation provided by Subash Pradhan
  • Mizo  (PDF) tanslation provided by C.L. Hminga 
  • Norsk (PDF) translation provided by Arne Holte            
  • Polski (PDF) translation provided by Jerzy Rogaczewski             
  • Português (PDF) translation provided by André Simão Santos 
  • Español (PDF)translation provided by Tomás and Febe Mackey
  • Kiswahili (PDF) translation provided by Geoffrey K. Mayimba 
  • Svenska (PDF) translation provided by Karl Göran Hogman      
  • తెలుగు (PDF) translation provided by B M Sudheer         
  • Türkçe (PDF) translation organized by Orhan Picaklar organized translation      
  • Українська  (PDF) translation provided  by Viacheslav Rymskyi              
  • Yorùbá (PDF) translation provided by Segun Oyetunji