Appeals made to Baptists to help refugees

An illegal refugee camp at a gas station in GreeceAn illegal refugee camp at a gas station in GreeceThe Baptist World Alliance is appealing to Baptists in affected countries to assist those who are displaced.

While acknowledging “the profound challenges created in many parts of our world by the movement of millions of refugees and displaced persons,” the international umbrella organization for Baptists “calls upon its member bodies, affiliated churches, and individual believers to actively embrace opportunities for Christian ministry and witness that exemplify the biblical teaching.”

Baptist groups in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, as well as in European countries such as Germany, Sweden, Croatia, Serbia and elsewhere, have provided personnel and supplies to assist those who are displaced.

However, the BWA is concerned about those who have not been as engaged, or who have been less than welcoming in their remarks and actions. The organization points out that biblical motifs such as love for the stranger and “Jesus’ teaching to love our neighbors as ourselves” should guide the actions of Baptists and other Christians.

The BWA is encouraging “Christian believers to personally engage with all refugees and displaced persons, generously showing God’s love and care as we demonstrate the sufficiency of God made known through Jesus Christ.”

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©July 8, 2016