Baptist World Alliance Day 2016 is February 4/5, 2017, a day Baptists are encouraged to worship together and pray for one another in their churches next year.

This day was originally established as "Baptist World Sunday," in 1927, when the BWA Executive Committee, meeting in London, asked President Edgar Mullins and General Secretary John Rushbrooke to prepare a "Special Statement" to express clearly the purpose of the BWA. The Statement emphasized that the BWA "seeks to express and promote unity and fellowship among the Baptists of the world."

Originally celebrated on the first Sunday of February each year, BWA Day was moved in 2006 to the first Sunday in May. Recognizing that some members of the BWA family worship on Saturday, the first Sunday of May and the Saturday immediately preceding it became the new dates for BWA Day in 2009.

The upcoming observance will be on February 4 and 5, 2017, depending on whether Baptists worship on Saturday or Sunday. Baptist churches are encouraged to include BWA Day in their annual calendar.

The celebration is aimed at affirming Baptist identity within the worldwide Christian family. Baptists are encouraged to pray for each other and to renew their commitment to cooperate with Baptists globally through the BWA.

2017 BWA Day worship materials are being prepared by Karen Gwynn Massey, Associate Dean for Masters Degree Programs and Associate Professor of Christian Education and Faith Development and Holder of Watkins Christian Foundation Chair at Mercer University, in Macon, GA in the United States.

2017 Resources will be posted in October, 2016

Past BWA Day Resources

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