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 "Our church will never be able to reach the world by itself, but every time we contribute to the BWA, we are reaching the world."

Your gifts help us provide programs of support in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, working through Baptist agencies whenever possible.  Your partnership equips us with personnel, materials, training, and resources to continue our mission worldwide.  This mission includes programs of unity and fellowship, evangelism, freedom and justice, relief and development, and theological reflection meant to equip and empower Baptist churches of the world in their Gospel work.  

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You can read the latest appeal letter from the General Secretary for BWA ministries here.

New Opportunity - Building Upkeep Fund

On September 22, 2001, the Baptist World Alliance formally opened its new “home for the BWA family” in Falls Church, Virginia.   Donations of more than $2 million dollars provided the funds to purchase a building of three floors where the BWA staff coordinates the work that now touches 239 member organizations.  In 2014, major upgrades were required for the heating and cooling system, along with the regular repairs required for such a facility.  Funds set aside for building maintenance are now mostly depleted and we ask concerned supporters to help us build up that reserve for the general upkeep of the building.  It has been a great blessing to have a central place for staff operations, the March Executive, committee and other BWA meetings and to welcome visitors to the USA capital of Washington, DC.  Please give generously to support the upkeep of the central offices of the Baptist World Alliance.

Planned Giving

Want to know how to make a lifetime gift to the BWA?  Read this first. 
If you have decided that you do indeed wish to make a lifetime gift, you can go to: for more detailed information. 





The Baptist World Alliance® (BWA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

For income tax reporting purposes, donors will receive a receipt for their gift.

You can give by check
Baptist World Alliance® 
405 N. Washington Street 
Falls Church, Virginia, 22046 USA

You can give world-wide
If you cannot use the North American based system, you can give through one of our transfer agents.  Please call +1-703-791-8980 extension 12 or 22 for information.

You can give non-cash
To give appreciated securities or other non-cash gifts, click, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call +1 703-790-8980 extension 19 or 12 for information.

Please Note: To designate your gift to a BWA fund not listed here, simply choose "All Ministries" (General Fund) and  after making  your gift, send us an email or call to tell us how to direct it.   Please be sure to mention in your email the amount and of course provide your full name and a telephone number, so we may contact you if there is any question.

BWA Designated Gift Policy: If a disaster appeal or a project is overfunded, our policy is to apply the unused portion to a similar need.

If you have questions about giving or about the information on this webpage, please contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +1 703-790-8980 extension 14 or 19. Thank you!